Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catherine Ferguson Academy Video and America's Egypt

Catherine Ferguson Academy on the Rachel Maddow Show

Watch the video, above. This segment of the Rachel Maddow Show is devoted to the story of the Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit, Michigan. As you will have seen from the video, this school is for girls who are pregnant and/or have children already. They run a farm using some of the abandoned areas of Detroit as part of their schooling, and bring their babies to the daycare on site. The school is named after an altruistic and heroic former slave who spent her free years caring for lost children. One of the requirements of Catherine Ferguson Academy is that you must apply to college, and 90% of the girls do. The Principal, Mrs. Andrews, is a guiding light and an inspiration to her students. And due to the current hostile take over by corporations of our democracy in American-- the school is slated to be shut down.

All of the people who are fired up about Waiting for Superman and other commercials for corporate take-overs of public schools need to be aware that until they have exhausted themselves in the effort to support poor and special-needs kids, they are part of the problem. Don't blame teachers for the failings and disinterest of a country fascinated by the Royal Wedding and Charlie Sheen to the exclusion of the needs of children. If people can't ensure that in their own country public libraries are well funded, neighborhoods are safe, arts in schools are thriving and teachers are respected and well paid, they don't deserve a vote in how schools are run. Sorry-- true.

Having just read the ground-breaking and beautifully written article Of the 1%, By the 1% and For the 1% by Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, I have to say to the top 1% controlling 40% of American wealth, watch your back. In total agreement with Stiglitz, I believe that you can only push people so far before Egyptian-style freedom movements occur. Shuttering schools like Catherine Ferguson Academy in the battle-worn city of Detroit is a board in the coffin being built for this system. And I think America's Egypt will begin in Detroit. Too much pain and suffering is concentrated there.

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