Monday, March 5, 2018

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables instead of Sodium and MSG: Perry Food Pantry Refrigerator Fund Raiser

Hello! Last year, the Gender-Sexuality Alliance at Perry High School discussed why kids sometimes come to school angry, tired and ready to fight. We decided that sometimes, it has to be because of factors like food insecurity. As a school group committed to fighting all kinds of intersecting oppressions, we decided to open a student-run food pantry in our school.

With our partner, Mary Shull, and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, we now distribute around 1000 pounds of food a week to kids. However, our goal has changed a bit. We see our peers consuming products that are high in sodium and MSG, and we know our communities are the ones hit hardest by high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, etc. So, we decided we needed to get more fresh fruit, greens, and vegetables into our peers' hands.

That's why we really need a refrigerator. Will you please help us with our goal? This fund-raising project will fund a refrigerator, and keep our food bank running. We are so grateful!

Go Fund Me: Perry Food Bank Refrigerator

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